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Smoke, pollution, stress, stress, alcohol abuse, dirty food chemicals… these are the main causes of increased disease. Especially cancer, a disease that hurts not only the patient but also the patient’s family. However, with valuable medicine, has helped many patients push back the disease and return to life as before.

From teacher to doctor –
Born and raised in a traditional family of taking medicine, from a young age, had the opportunity to interact with the herbal medicines of his grandparents and parents, he had a deep sense of healing. Oriental medicine. However, when he grew up, he turned to the Department of Mathematics, Hanoi National University of Education. However, his predestined relationship with the profession made him return to the family medicine profession when his father passed away.

In 1994, his biological father often had a fever of 40 degrees, the family took him from one hospital to another without diagnosing the disease. From Hanoi, receiving bad news, he returned to the South to take his father to the hospital. When examined, the doctor said that his father had tuberculosis, he did not believe it, because comparing the clinical symptoms with people with tuberculosis, he just thought it was cancer. He sent his father to another hospital, and asked the doctor for an endoscopy and an abdominal ultrasound. The doctor also told him why he “directed”, but at the request of his family, the doctor had to do it. After only 2 days of working with the doctor, he found his father’s disease, which is kidney cancer, to the admiration of the family, because before that his father had been through 3-4 hospitals, hospitalized. months without an official conclusion. Holding his father’s results in his hand, he transferred his father to Binh Dan hospital for treatment, these days, the family takes turns taking care of him, his children and grandchildren give him painkillers but he still complains of pain, but when he When he gave it to his father to drink, he did not feel any pain, he also said “I have a healing hand” and after more than a month, he passed away forever in his son’s advice: Try to study the remedy. family heirloom to apply to yourself and your family. If there is development, then help the society…

“Before the loss of my father, I was too painful and “bitter”, I thought that “heaven gave birth to elephants, will give birth to grass. When a disease is born, there must be a cure. Maybe we have not found the key to it…”, he shared.

So with the encouragement of his family, he left the teaching profession and returned to the South. In the early years, he worked as a livestock farmer to help support his family. Later, near the house, there was a person suffering from asthma, and after years of treatment everywhere, he did not get better, he accepted the treatment for them and they were completely cured. That patient went to the chairman’s house of Ninh Son Commune’s Oriental Medicine Association to tell the story, and it was this chairman who came to his house to invite him to join the Commune’s Oriental Medicine Association, and then sent him to attend a oriental medicine theory class in the province. . Here, he was taught the profession by professors, senior doctors and as predestined, he has been imbued with the profession of medicine since he did not know…

Reversing cancer for many patients
Based on the inherent traditional remedies to research and prepare many remedies for many different diseases. He succeeded in using folk remedies prepared from available natural medicinal sources; to help people with mild diseases and treatment such as treating bone and joint pain with oriental medicine, treating asthma with traditional medicine to treating cancer with oriental medicine.

We met Mr. Pham Chi Nhat. Uncle had multifocal liver cancer, the hospital returned it, but through the referral, he knew 3 months of medication, the cost is only 1 time of radiation therapy, but so far, Japanese doctor has helped about 80%.

In the patient list of, there are many people from different provinces, each with a disease, no one is the same, but all share the same joy of restoring health and repelling cancer. As in the case of Mrs. Mai Ngoc Truong (Thai Binh), she has a brain tumor measuring 7cm. The hospital returns in case of metastasis, the patient is completely paralyzed, unable to speak, the family prepares to take care of the aftermath. However, after only 4 months of treatment, until now, he and his relatives did not believe in his miraculous recovery. From not speaking, not being able to walk, Uncle Truong can talk quickly and live normally, making everyone admire the talented physician.

A doctor who always lives and works with these three words “heart – talent – virtue” wants nothing more than to cure diseases, improve the life expectancy and health of his patients. To help more people enjoy the happiness of being cured of illness, has a free consultation service, online medical examination and treatment, sending medicine by post, by air so that patients don’t waste time and money. go.

In particular, among the patients who come for treatment, there are those in difficult circumstances or lonely old age. With his talent and medical ethics, he treated them for free, even when they left, she also supported them. travel expenses allowance. With his talent and virtue, is worthy of the four golden words “Nhat Dai Oriental Medicine” left by the late Emperor Phuc Phuong for his descendants. Because of the special